Childhood Epilepsy: Huge Learning Curve

I love being creative in the kitchen. People often ask me for recipes. I am glad to share, and often I cannot reproduce exactly what I did because it was a pinch-of-this-and-that.

As we started our son on the Ketogenic Diet, which is an extremely prescribed diet therapy to treat intractable seizures, I have had to drastically alter my creativity in the kitchen. The Ketogenic Diet is very specific, with precise calculations to meet his need for calories and his activity level, while following a 3:1 ratio. The ratio represents fat and protein to carbs. So, I can no longer scramble our fresh eggs straight from the hen-house. I must first weigh them to 24 grams of scrambled eggs, adding 67 grams of cream, cooked with 25 grams of butter 14 grams of crispy bacon, and served with 52 grams of unsweetened applesauce. Each measurement being very accurate – not another bite, pinch or splash. Don’t get me wrong, creativity still pays off. I have had to re-define what that word means in terms of my general cooking style and preference.

And the healing that is taking place is worth every ounce (or gram) of effort, every hour spent weighing, measuring and cooking, every minute coaxing and encouraging our boy to eat all of his food. I am amazed by the healing that is taking place. He is so much better. Physically. Cognitively. He is responding to life again. He is speaking in full sentences again. He has a sense of humor and laughs at jokes – his own and others! His coordination is returning. He is able to climb ladders and steps that had become very challenging for him. He is able to slow himself down and respond, not just react.

I have learned so much in such a short period of time. I am so grateful for all the healing, all the steps forward, all the beauty in seeing my boy return!


About jaw123456

I am a forty-something year old woman with a thousand interests. I am married to an incredible man who holds my heart. Living wholesome lives and training our children to lead lives that are worthy of the calling that God has for them is our hearts desire. Some of my interests include faith, family, adoption, homeschooling, whole and wholesome foods, cooking, sewing and living simply.
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2 Responses to Childhood Epilepsy: Huge Learning Curve

  1. Emily says:

    So happy this is working for your little guy!!

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