A Decade of Home Education

Entering our tenth year of home educating, I am honored and amazed! In some ways it is hard to believe it has been so long. In other ways, I feel like I am just getting started as I continue to learn more about myself and each child as they grow.

 I am privileged to be home with my family. This lifestyle of homeschooling has been a tremendous journey. A journey of growth, blessings and many treasured moments. Teaching my children is the greatest honor I have. Training them, learning along side of them, working through rough patches with them. I cannot imagine what our lives would look like if I were not here with them. 

With each passing year my convictions have grown stronger. I desire to press in to God, press on in faith and stay the course. This journey cannot be embarked upon with half-hearted intentions. It requires boldness and strength, committment and passion, continuity and resolve. It requires that I come face-to-face with my own short-comings, and the things that I need to improve. It requires an honest look at the needs of my family; spiritual, emotional, and physical needs. 

The opportunities for learning are endless. I love the idea that the world is our classroom and the learning never ceases. I am honored to have the opportunity to spend the time with my children. Their childhood is so short. Most of their life will be spent outside of their family. I am blessed to have them here in our home for this short season. We are truly living life together – with all the ups and downs, the great times and the hard times. Whether working, resting, studying, cooking, reading or counseling – they are all learning times for each of us.   

Help me Lord to always remember this great honor you have given me to disciple these beautiful children. Help me to walk in love, speak words of life and to teach deep truths. Help me to continue to teach well, and to be eager for learning myself. Help my children to learn to love You deeply and to trust you with the details of our lives. Help us all to be content with what we have and to want more and more of You. You are our greatest need. Amen.


About jaw123456

I am a forty-something year old woman with a thousand interests. I am married to an incredible man who holds my heart. Living wholesome lives and training our children to lead lives that are worthy of the calling that God has for them is our hearts desire. Some of my interests include faith, family, adoption, homeschooling, whole and wholesome foods, cooking, sewing and living simply.
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2 Responses to A Decade of Home Education

  1. Wow! I knew you’d been homeschooling for several years but didn’t realize that you were on year 10! I’m thankful you are because you played a VERY key part in my decision to homeschool 2 years ago. It has been such a blessing …. I never thought I’d be able to do it, but you encouraged me to believe that I could. Thank you friend!

    • jaw123456 says:

      Jessica! Yes, we are just beginning this tenth year. It seems wild to me, too. Since my youngest is not even in pre-school yet, I still have at least 13 more years to improve my skills and continue to learn. Thank you for your sweet words…I hope to always encourage families to consider home education. Love to you my friend!

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