Fasting and Prayer

Prayer. Crying out to God when we are in need of an answer. Speaking to Him when we want to express gratitude. Calling on Him when we are hurting or we need a trusted friend. Standing in the gap on behalf of others, and their needs. Simply to experience His presence and spend time seeking Him. 

Fasting. This is not often a daily occurence in the believer’s life. Many times it seems that fasting is reserved for certain occasions. Corporate times of fasting, prior to a major event, and in times of crisis. These are all wonderful times to fast and diligently seek the Lord. Throughout the Old Testament scripture as well as Christ’s life and teaching, fasting was simply a part of the believers lifestyle. It was not an event.

Last week I felt that the Lord urge me to fast. I had been praying and I was seeking God about why one of my sons has not been healed from a serious seizure disorder (read previous blog titled “Why?”). His doctor recently doubled his current medication as he was having 50 or more seizures per day. As the medication was increased, it seemed as though the seizures increased as well.  This past week another medication needed to be brought on board in hopes to control these seizures. Anti-convulsives can be tricky and they are trying to find just the right amount for his particular type of seizures. As I added this new pill to my sons daily routine, he looks up at me with big brown eyes, shakes his head and with the sweetest, raspy, three-year-old voice, he squeaks out, “No more meds Mama.”  

That’s it. My heart is broken again. Reminded of how healing needs to take place. I seek God and ask Him again for mercy and grace, to heal my son once and for all, to set him completely free. I sense God’s presence and feel Him urging me to fast and pray again.  My initial reaction is that of a child, whining to a parent. “But I have. I pray daily. I lay hands on him. I believe your word. My children pray for his healing daily. You have healed him before. You could do it in a moment Lord.” Again my spirit quickened and I felt that the Lord was asking me to fast, and to ask other people to join me. “Oh Lord. There are so many hurts and pains in this world. So many people who need your healing. Should I really ask my friends and family to fast? What if they don’t want to?”

As I journaled that day, many specific faces and names came to mind. I kept writing and praying. Scriptures came to mind and my heart overflowed. I thought of the many times people fasted before going in to battle. I thought of the heart of David crying out to His maker, speaking of fasting as well. I thought of Jesus ministering and healing people, and giving instruction about fasting. I re-read Isaiah 58…all of these things confirming even more that I must fast. I will talk to friends and family who are called to prayer, and people who love my son and desire to see his healing come.

I continued to wrestle with all these thoughts and scriptures, and ideas. I am so eager to see my son healed, and yet I am not so eager to fast. The praying comes easily. My heart is sensitive and I am easily moved to tears of compassion and driven to pray. I love the presence of my God. And fasting always produces wonderful results- breakthough! Again, why am I reluctant? Of course our children are worth any sacrifice. Why do I struggle with the desire to surrender? Oh sweet surrender.

So here I am, day three. God has given me a tremendous amount of grace and I am encouraged already. I am blessed and surprised by the faithful friends that God has surrounded me with. Friends who are hungry to pray and seek God and see Him move in healing. Several of my friends on the mainland have joined me in this fast. Several friends here in Hawai’i are joining me as well. My family has each made a committment to give something up, and to pray more fervently.

I feel called to this fast for an unknown period of time. I will fast until the Lord releases me or until we see complete healing come to my son. Will you join me? Will you fast with me for healing? As I am praying for specific healing in my son’s life, God is faithfully brining other people to my attention who need His miraculous healing touch. Let’s pray together, bearing one another’s burdens and contend for healing in the lives of our loved ones. I believe we will see God move miraculously.


About jaw123456

I am a forty-something year old woman with a thousand interests. I am married to an incredible man who holds my heart. Living wholesome lives and training our children to lead lives that are worthy of the calling that God has for them is our hearts desire. Some of my interests include faith, family, adoption, homeschooling, whole and wholesome foods, cooking, sewing and living simply.
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