Encouraging Words

Thank you friends for your phone calls, e-mails, texts and other encouraging words. I appreciate your love and support. I am believing that as we are united in prayer, God is going to move powerfully.

As a body of believers, we are called to stand together and seek God, praying through our trials. Praying for healing, believing God that His word is true and accurate.

Let’s make this a forum of encouragement! If you are praying with us, please post on this site and share with others. Share about what God is speaking to you and revealing to you. If you are fasting and need encouragement, please ask questions and offer suggestions to others. I will attempt to post daily with some information about our fasting experience and what we see happening with our son’s healing as well as other testimonies that people share. 

Many of you are asking the same questions about foods. I will be glad to post some of that information as well. My best advice is to encourage you to continue to seek God in this. Because fasting is a part of the Christian lifestyle, it can be very personal while it can serve a purpose within the larger body of Christ. There are often things that God will reveal and suggest that we surrender. Some of us may restructure our daily diet, decrease our food intake, cut out many foods altogether, fast from media, secular music, etc. Pray and ask God what you should give up. He will show you. I believe that each of us can, and will release different things. As we surrender, we make more room for Him to occupy in our lives. More time in worship and prayer. We all may be fasting differently, and yet our hearts will still be united in prayer and purpose.

Thank you to my huge ‘ohana for joining us in this! I cannot begin to express how much of an encouragement it is to my spirit.


About jaw123456

I am a forty-something year old woman with a thousand interests. I am married to an incredible man who holds my heart. Living wholesome lives and training our children to lead lives that are worthy of the calling that God has for them is our hearts desire. Some of my interests include faith, family, adoption, homeschooling, whole and wholesome foods, cooking, sewing and living simply.
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4 Responses to Encouraging Words

  1. Christina Olivr says:

    Looking forward to the breakthrough.

    • jaw123456 says:

      Me, too! I seem to be reluctant to begin fasting…and always so blessed by multiple levels of breakthrough. It seems like I start out with one central focus and then God’s power is realeased in multiple areas. Thank you for joining friend!

  2. Leanne Stauss says:

    Oh, how I love you and your family, Jessica! Desean is on our prayer list to pray for every night, and as God calls to mind. It seems the list grows week by week – so many we know dealing with physical ailments – seizures, cancers, Parkinsons and more. We pray for healing and God’s peace that passes understanding in the process.

    As I watch our friends and family suffer physically – it challenges me that I have been given a healthy temple that I have not cared for. Several things God wants me to change or remove from my life. When I’m overwhelmed I tend to get paralyzed and not move on any of it. Today, we’ll hit one of them – overuse of the computer – which is not good in and of itself, but has so many side effects! So starting today, it will be used only in ways that will glorify Him, through helping my family, getting my work done or checking in on here to see how God is speaking to others. Not endless rabbit trails that are interesting, scrabble games or mindless reading of dozens of facebook posts. Would love to fast completely, but I have to use it for work, and I use it a lot for homeschooling. 🙂

    Love you, my friend! Wish Hawaii was just a 5 hour drive away…

  3. Jessica Krohn says:

    Jess ~ I’ve been praying for the past couple days asking God what it is that I should fast as I’ve decided to join you in fasting for HEALTH! DeSean is so precious and there couldn’t be a better reason to fast. I read your post and immediately thought to myself that of course I would join you in fasting for your sweet boy’s healing. Later it hit me that I had never done that for my own healing. Sadly I must confess that I’ve not incorporated fasting into my life often enough. I want that to change and there is no better time than today!

    After thought and prayer I feel that my area of fasting needs to be in the area of ‘media’. So, I am going to stop watching t.v., I’m going to stop using facebook (unless I add a link to my blog), and I am going to quiet my life so that I’m not just giving these things to the Lord but also spending more time in an environment that makes it easier for me to hear from The One Who Made Me! I realize that I’ve allowed the noise from so many other sources to fill my life, instead of the peace that comes from the voice of Jesus.

    I’m committed to standing in the gap for your family! I wish I could do more to be a blessing to your family, but this is something that I know I can do today.

    Peace, Love, & Joy to you my Sister in Christ! May DeSean’s body be touched with a healing so amazing that God is the only explanation!

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