What a Week!

I am coming out of one of those weeks…let’s see if you are familiar…The kind of week where you are over committed and you know it, but you think, “If-I-can-just-get-through-it-and-then-sleep-a-little-more-I-know-I-am-going-to-be-okay,” kind of weeks?

Yes, that was about it. Each day was full of the daily commitments of running a household, caring for my family, and ministering to their needs (although, with the busy-ness I am not sure how much ministry took place). Sigh.

Monday, our youngest son fractured his foot. Which required several hours in the ER. Monday evening we were running a Valentines Day fundraiser for our youth group at church, which required prep work and time spent gathering supplies. After the fundraiser, I met Ben at the hospital. Late night.

Tuesday my husband had a sectional pastors meeting in Kona. And it was his birthday! He rode over to Kona with friends and then we met him in Kona and walked on the beach, talked, played and shared dinner there. It was a relaxing day. Not quite the same adventure he blessed me with on my birthday….we will have to wait until funds become available again. Home late again…nice family time.

Wednesday was full of getting things done with the children at home. We were all a little tired from the previous two days and having less sleep. In the afternoon our son had another appointment for his fractured foot. We met at church early to go over our human video with the youth. Only a few remembered, so we waited until service started and held our regular rehearsal then. Home late again, snacks for the keiki before bed time.

Thursday my youngest son and I were off to O’ahu for a different medical appointment. This required 9 hours of travelling, waiting, doctors and a super quick check in with my Aunty Lisa. we got to see their new place, and take a brief walk at Waikiki Beach. Because of my sons casted leg, he was confined to my hip, the stroller, his airplane seat, the taxi, my Aunty’s van, and her dining table… all day. This did not go well for him. As an extremely active three-year-old, his frustration was building. Faithful family and friends were praying for us, which was so appreciated. Our little man did well all things considered. I could see him unraveling as the day went on. I had packed a backpack with his necessities, and my bible, journal, and a couple of books. What was I thinking!!!!! I guess I had a lot of faith that day and thought he may sit quietly on the airplane so that I may read a few words on the page…not so. It was hands on the whole day…keeping his feet from kicking the passenger seat in front of us, helping him maintain when he was about to lose it.  I made promises and gave in to bribing several times throughout the day as I felt somewhat desperate to keep him as calm as possible. Home late again.

Friday started with emails and faxes, filling prescriptions and running errands. Friday evening is our regular youth group time. I work with the youth worship team in the afternoon and help them practice new songs and put together their set for the evening. A few people were out sick and I decided that my younger children and I needed to stay home and just rest. No one argued! i felt guilty for a few minutes. Ben and our two high schoolers went to the group. I was relieved to take a night off. And I was reminded about how blessed Ben and I are to be a team in ministry together. I put the kids to bed early and started my prep work for the following day, which included baking and musubi making!  Late that night I joined women from my homeschool group in setting up and finishing the pricing on garage sale items for the following morning. Not much sleep was had… 

Saturday morning started the rice for the musubi at 4 am. I joined the group of moms from the sale. We are raising money to attend the yearly homeschool conference together. This was our major fundraiser. It was very successful! Women made all kinds of money to contribute to their trip. I did not have a lot of items to add to the sale so I baked cookies, and made musubi. Those sold very well. I was so blessed! And sooo tired…Home in the afternoon included me closing my eyes on the couch and not hearing anything for at least an hour! Our brakes went out on the truck and Ben’s day was filled with fixing the brakes. I am lucky to be married to a man who can fix just about anything! Early to bed tonight.

Sunday morning. The truck wouldn’t start. Battery was dead because it was run down while my husband fixed the brakes. Shucks. I had to wake him and our youngest up to get me to church on time for worship practice and emcee-ing two services. After lots of struggle with the sound, it ended up being a great morning. Pastor Lorin shared a message on vision. I feel encouraged. Shani and I shopped after church for the evening meal. We hosted our monthly discipleship dinner for our high school youth. We are studying, and discussing purity and how we follow God’s plans for us in a world where purity is no longer valued…Great night, great study. We enjoyed awesome Mexican food and good company. Convicted to seek God in all our plans and to seek His purpose in all our lives. To bed early.

Monday is here. I am staying home…writing lesson plans, catching up a bit and enjoying my family. This is a much less busy week. There are a few appointments that must be kept and a homeschool meeting tonight.

Thank you God for seeing us through all the details and all the busy-ness of last week. Help us to be much more simple this coming week. To rest, enjoy our family, do well in our schooling, and seek you in everything!!


About jaw123456

I am a forty-something year old woman with a thousand interests. I am married to an incredible man who holds my heart. Living wholesome lives and training our children to lead lives that are worthy of the calling that God has for them is our hearts desire. Some of my interests include faith, family, adoption, homeschooling, whole and wholesome foods, cooking, sewing and living simply.
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