Daniel Fast, Day Sixteen

I love these quiet mornings. The Lord continues to wake me up in the dark, sometimes with a song of praise running through my mind and other times in the stillness. I am thankful for the time alone to meet with God, think, ponder and write before everyone is awake.

One of the questions I have been asking myself throughout this fast is about a theme. Now, I know I do not need a theme to fast. It is not a party. However, usually when I fast I am fasting because the Lord has revealed something to me that requires more attention in prayer and denying myself more than at other times. I may be praying for a loved one who is going through a difficult time, healing in marriages, for habitual sin to be broken in my life or the life of someone else, physical healing, spiritual healing, and the list goes on. During those times, as I am fasting, there is an ever-present theme in my prayer journal. I must admit that I feel a bit scattered this time.

I am praying for my family, and especially for my children to have passionate, dynamic relationships with Jesus. I am praying for our church and the leaders there, as well as all the individual ministries and people serving and being served in those ministries. I am also praying for major financial breakthrough for us and others. I am praying for healing for my family as we have been sick several times in the past few months and we need to be completely well. I am praying for my mom who needs to be radically healed in her body. I am praying for a dear friend who needs the Lord to heal her in a miraculous way, and restore her health completely and give her many years to come! There are many different people and specific issues to be praying for during this fast. And I do not feel like there is one direction I need to shift to, I just want to be focused on whatever God wants me to lend my attention to.

This morning my prayer was just that (again!). “Keep me focused, Lord. During this fast I want to see you move on behalf of the prayers of your people. Let your love for Your people be evident in how you respond to their needs. Help me to be faithful!”

I read through I Chronicles 28. David is exhorting and encouraging Solomon to know the Lord intimately and take the call to build the temple seriously. To recognize the honor that has been given to him by being the one chosen to follow through with the plans to build the temple, and the blessing that he will leave for generations to come. As I was reading I was impacted by these verses in several ways. Specifically one passage grabbed my attention most…

“And Solomon, my son, learn to know the God of your ancestors intimately. Worship and serve Him with your whole heart, and a willing mind. For the Lord sees every heart and knows every plan and thought. If you seek Him, you will find Him. But if you forsake Him, He will reject you forever. So take this seriously. The Lord has chosen you to build a Temple as His sanctuary. Be strong, and do the work.”  I Chronicles 28:9-10

As I read this, I continued to make the correlation between Solomon being called to build the physical temple for the Lord,  and as New Testament believers we are called to be the temples of the Lord. We must know God intimately, long for relationship with Him, long to speak to Him and to listen as He speaks to us. We must serve Him and worship Him with our whole heart – giving Him all of our devotion and all of our praise. We must not be divided in devoting ourselves to God. A willing mind, submits to the will of the Lord and devotes themselves wholeheartedly to His instruction. However a divided mind has many devotions, and distractions.  We must take this charge seriously, continuously strengthening ourselves and allowing the Lord to strengthen us as we do the work.


Let the rest of this fast and all of my life boil down to just that – wholehearted devotion. Lord I love you and Your ways. Thank you for your faithfulness. You have kept me strong in this fast. I feel your love and your presence. You are so good to me Lord.

Our Menu Today:

Breakfast: Brown rice cake with peanut butter and fruit
Lunch: Cabbage, zucchini,veggie saute with quinoa
Dinner: Brown rice with chick peas, edamame, and raisins (great sweet salty combo!)


About jaw123456

I am a forty-something year old woman with a thousand interests. I am married to an incredible man who holds my heart. Living wholesome lives and training our children to lead lives that are worthy of the calling that God has for them is our hearts desire. Some of my interests include faith, family, adoption, homeschooling, whole and wholesome foods, cooking, sewing and living simply.
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