Daniel Fast, Day Six

I was awakened this morning again by a supernatural alarm clock! In the dark hours of the morning I had a song running through my mind. It is a wonderful experience when this happens, because in that semi-sleep state it seems as though I am hearing every piece of the music. It is vibrant and every instrument is present, with beautiful voices and beautiful music…okay…some may think that is crazy, but if you have had this experience before, you know what I mean. If you have not, you feel like you are in a dream in which you are listening to the best quality stereo system, hearing the praises of heaven! I love it when this happens. This seems to happen while I am fasting, and I just thank God for gently waking me in the early hours with a glorious song of worship.

Yesterday afternoon, I had written in my journal that I really needed wisdom from God in working with one of my children. It has been a challenging season with this child. Especially in the areas of distractibility, activity level, and this childs impulsive actions. I pray for my children daily, but this was different. I wanted to have a breakthrough moment…I needed it. I had been weary all week so far, a little tired still from detoxifying, and caffeine deprived.

Having successful homeschooling days is so important to me. That requires cooperation from everyone and a real team effort. The last several days have been particularly challenging and I knew something had to change.

Today, God answered that prayer. He gave me specific instruction as I was praying for this particular child. It was like I was clear-headed enough to not only hear Him but to respond to what He was asking me to do. It worked! Everything I prayed came to fruition! Of course it did, right? After all, God’s instructions are always good….somehow, I had just handled this situation differently than I should have…until today.

When we had our study time together, one of the scriptures we focused on was in James chapter 5:13 and following, about praying. It is true that our prayers  have great power and produce wonderful results! We are seeing the truth of this around every corner. Our study time and journaling time went really well this afternoon. They have done an excellent job journaling and applying what we are learning to themselves on a personal level. Good stuff!

We had a peaceful afternoon in our home. The children all finished their studies. I was able to work with everyone individually, whenever they needed my help and without distraction!

Our Menu Today:
Breakfast: Green smoothie with spinach, banana and black berries
Lunch: Three Sisters Stew (from Feeding the Whole Family Cookbook, by Cynthia Lair – my favorite whole foods book for the family!)…we used black beans, tomatoes, kabocha, (You know the little green squash that looks like a pumpkin?), onion and garlic.
Dinner: A little of this and that from the day before – soup for those who wanted it (my kids did not love squash in the soup), and fruits and veggies.


About jaw123456

I am a forty-something year old woman with a thousand interests. I am married to an incredible man who holds my heart. Living wholesome lives and training our children to lead lives that are worthy of the calling that God has for them is our hearts desire. Some of my interests include faith, family, adoption, homeschooling, whole and wholesome foods, cooking, sewing and living simply.
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