A day of sharing with our family and friends, opening our home and eating delicious food!

I have traditionally hosted people for Thanksgiving in my home since my husband and I were married. It is a wonderful day of cooking and eating, and welcoming people….In years past my family had come up to our home in Oregon from California. This year, none of our family members were able to make the trip to the Big Island of Hawai’i.

This year, we hosted new faces and enjoyed good conversation and relaxed together while eating the delights that were prepared.

Food is such a big part of this holiday season. It seems to be part of God’s design for fellowship to include the enjoyment of food.

I have been eating in a more strict manner for some time now. I am enjoying the benefits of eating a diet rich in whole foods that are nutritious and satisfying. For Thanksgiving, I decided to enjoy the foods that everyone was partaking in, without going overboard and without regret. Our menu consisted of a beautifully brined turkey that turned out tender and delicious after a few hours on the grill. We made baked yams, a salad of dark greens and candied pecans, oranges and cranberries sprinkled with feta cheese and our homemade balsamic vinaigrette. I baked fresh, soft herb rolls and made my husbands favorite sourdough stuffing. Several homemade pies were made as well as foods that friends brought which included a deliciously made prime rib roast, a corn casserole, custard pies, a jello dish, mashed potatoes, gravy and the list goes on….

I love to see the looks on the children’s faces as they see the spread set before them There is such excitement at all that has been prepared. Every year, I am too am excited to share in this meal together. And after many hours on my feet cooking, I am pleased with everyone’s delight, and I can hardly eat anything. I love to nurture people by making them great food. I take pleasure in the process. And even though I could not eat much…I sampled most of the dishes and enjoyed the rest vicariously through my family and friends. People raved about the food, and relaxed in the fellowship. It was a great evening.  I look forward to my next opportunity to host a gathering in my home.

Mahalo nui loa to my beautiful family and friends. Thank you for all your love and help. I am grateful to you all!


About jaw123456

I am a forty-something year old woman with a thousand interests. I am married to an incredible man who holds my heart. Living wholesome lives and training our children to lead lives that are worthy of the calling that God has for them is our hearts desire. Some of my interests include faith, family, adoption, homeschooling, whole and wholesome foods, cooking, sewing and living simply.
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