Ahh…Bathing Suit Shopping

(*Disclaimer: This article is really written for women. Women with a sense of humor, and especially those who do not like shopping for a bating suit…please know that I wrote this with a smile on my face)

In Hawai’i one must have a bathing suit.  And honestly, it does not really matter what the suit looks like, because you just need to have something to get in the water with. People wear shorts and t-shirts, board shorts, cut-offs, tank tops, bikinis, one pieces, and suits that are way too small.

True confession, I have never loved being in a suit. In fact, I have always covered up with a pareo or a towel the second I got out of the water. Are you familiar with the quick towel drop? Maybe even at the very edge of the pool? Or even the drop and run…drop your stuff on the beach and get in the water as fast as you can. I see men doing this too…they may not admit it, but the rash guard shirts that they never take off, it’s really like their pareo 🙂 Bathing suit shopping is a dreaded thing for me and maybe other women. Just as I would not prance around in my undergarments at any given time, I usually do not like the idea of letting it all hang out in a swim suit either. This is the shopping trip that you take your best friend on and ask them to be honest with you about what really looks good and what doesn’t.

It is hard to be modest in a suit, but I feel that we certainly must try. Bathing suits show so much. I see young women (and often not so young) wearing suits that reveal far too much skin. I then feel for our teenage boys who are trying to keep their thoughts and minds on things that are pure and wholesome. Hard to do when others are not helping to honor and protect them as young people.

There is no covering up physical flaws when a person is in a bathing suit. It is all there – for all to see. In Oregon I had the same bathing suit for ten years, and another for 5 years. That helps you understand my lack of desire to shop for such things. One was super plain and one was uncomfortably revealing for a buxom gal like myself. When I got here to Hawai’i, I realized that things in the salt water and sun wear out much more quickly and one or even two old bathing suits were not going to last long. Soon one was becoming see through, while another was getting so stretched out that there was no way to cover places that should be covered for the sake of modesty.

I went shopping with a friend at the only store that is open late in the evening, and lo and behold I found a suit. The kind that I said I would never buy…one with a skirt! I instantly felt older.  However, when I put that suit on, I felt good. It looked good. It was flattering to my figure, my shape and added a little flair.  Huh, could this really be happening? The loathed suit with a skirt actually looked good on me? Will some of my mom friends think I sold out, gave up, threw in the towel on traditional suits from our generation? Well, regardless, I found a suit that is flattering and modest, cut and most of all comfortable for me to wear! I feel so comfortable I even ditched the pareo!


About jaw123456

I am a forty-something year old woman with a thousand interests. I am married to an incredible man who holds my heart. Living wholesome lives and training our children to lead lives that are worthy of the calling that God has for them is our hearts desire. Some of my interests include faith, family, adoption, homeschooling, whole and wholesome foods, cooking, sewing and living simply.
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10 Responses to Ahh…Bathing Suit Shopping

  1. emily says:

    i loved this! and of course, COMPLETELY related. i wore the same worn-out suit for years before finally *making* myself get rid of it last spring. then, i spent most of this summer w/out a suit because the thought of shopping for one was dreadful.
    i want to see your suit!! I am so curious now! =)
    love you.

  2. Jessica Westfall says:

    Yay for skirts! My favorite suit also has a skirt =) I think they’re cute!

  3. Raeane says:

    You are so funny!! Thank you for sharing this adventure! I got a skirt suit last year! It is great! The only negative is when you swim it floats up but who cares if when you get out of the water you aren’t self conscious! Proud of you for finding a suit! I am in love with the tankinis! You should go get another one so you can switch them up and not wear it out as fast! Just a though!! Glad you found something you love!! =)

    • jaw123456 says:

      Raeane! The funny thing is that the skirt has floated up and scared the bajeebers out of me before 🙂 All the sudden I kept feeling something brushing the back of my arm…I was quickly flipping around to see what it was only to find that it was my new skirt! Oh good times!

  4. Heather says:

    lol. I’m younger than you and I own suits with a skirt. Well they are 2 piece tankinis with bottoms that have a skirt….does that make me old for my age?

    • jaw123456 says:

      Haha! No….just how I was feeling. Hope you come here sporting your skirt with me!

      • Monica says:

        Well, Bathing Suits. Let me see…..I don’t like bathing suit shopping. I have had the same Miraclesuit for about 8 years. I do because I love it. But the bathing suits we all wore when we were young, wow! As adults we definitly don’t want our kids wearing those things. But that fight is hard. 2 girls I know! J and N. Who could that be…..Anyways I am glad you found something that you feel comfortable in. Skirt or no skirt it doesn’t matter, we just want to be in that water.

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